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24. Eva 21:00:49, 15-12-2005
">email Hi Lambi,
greatings from Hungary, ti kaneis; I had a great time at Dreams Bar, working with all of you. I miss Lindos very much and wish you all the best. I will come back soon;-) Don't drink to much during the winter time! Ciao, ciao Eva. Filakia
23. Donna 16:34:07, 05-12-2005
Dreams bar has got to be one of the best bars in lindos.
I worked in Pefkos for the season, and unfortunately didn't discover this bar until the end of the season when i had an injury and my friend vicki took me there every night.

Great music and atmosphere. Michales and Lambi are the best, they will make you night. I knew Michales from last year so had plenty of fun.

Anyone who's not been, it's a must.

Lambis and Michales, just so you know who I am, it's Donna the girl who was on crutches with a bad leg when vicki had the broken arm! Hope your ok guys, and miss you loads!

22. steve 19:07:27, 27-10-2005
we have been visiting lindos for 4 years now twice a year, we have just returned after another fantastic 2 weeks,made all the better by visiting dreamsbar,our very best wishes to lambie,carena,eva,n the fab dj mike. see you all next year.
21. ' lady in red ' 13:08:13, 26-10-2005
To everyone at 'DREAMS'.........................

Thank you for making our September holidays absolutely GREAT. You are all fantastic. You get my vote for the Best Bar.
The Captain says - see you next year.

To Mike:- It was so wonderful to see you again................ from 'Lady in Red' x
20. Marie & Sean x 18:50:49, 15-10-2005
Hello Mikalis

Though you might like this photo! Thanks for helping to make our holiday to Rhodes brilliant as usual. We are coming back in 2006 and I think my parents are coming with us. Don't work too hard - only a couple of weeks left to do!
See you next year!
Love Marie & Sean x
19. Sonia 18:49:35, 15-10-2005
">email CIAO!!!
Siamo Sonia e Fabio i due rockettari italiani (la rossa ed il gigante!)
che la settimana scorsa si sono divertiti un sacco a ballare da voi...ci
dispiace essere venuti via senza neanche presentarci!
Preparate i cd per il prossimo anno!!!! CIAO!
18. John and Mel 18:31:27, 14-10-2005
">email Hi to everyone at Dreams, just thought we would drop you all a line as promised. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making our holiday so very special! You were all so good to us and we have told all our friends until they are sick of hearing about it! Thank you Lambis for the champagne and we promise to put you all on our guest list WHEN we set a date, thanks to Mike for the lifts home! We will definitely be back next year some time, and keep that FIREWATER coming! Love you all see you soon!!!!!!!!!!
17. Lynndy & Ros 22:08:32, 12-10-2005
Yasoo guys, I can't believe how fast that week went!! Missing 'we love' Corina, (how funny to see you again at the airport!!) 'Crazy frog' Lambis, 'shake it, dont break it' Mikey and Eva's black russians!! Had a fantastic week again, just a shame it couldn't be two, nevermind though, roll on 2006, we will be back (6th time!!) so get that bottle of ursus red vodka ready and can I have a request for the dj please? ... Tools - Sexy cherry!!!!!!!!!! Yamas, love you all, Lynndy and Ros!!!! xxx
16. Tricia and Peter 15:02:58, 10-10-2005
">email Hi Lambis, well the new bar is definately now one of the best in Lindos. We all had a brilliant holiday and miss you guys loads. Can't wait for next August. Luv Tricia and "Superman", I've not forgotten the t-shirt will post as soon as I can xx
15. Pammie 19:30:35, 06-10-2005
Hey Lambis, Eva, Koreena and Mike. That us been home for two weeks ……and yes we r still having withdrawal symptoms! Miss u guys soooo much. Lambis, hope ur doing well, known u for many years, way back to courtyard days eh babe? Haha lots of pipa (if u say so…) You by far have one of the best bars in Lindos. It was like me and hazels 2nd home in Lindos. Thank you for all the drink and yummy bbq’s!! Oh and thank u to your mummy and granny for the amazing pasta!! mmmm yummy Hope they are both well. Eva and Koreena thank u guys sooo much for making our holiday – oh yeah and rmbr the snotter gyros – haha Mark ate it!! Oh yeah and my lil fall in Ampethaetre shhhhhh dnt tell ne1! Mike – what can I say – best dj in Lindos. ….. “googoo gooh goo goo”. Thankyou so much for playing all our songs and great nights out in Qupi! Hope little Yannis is well – he’s adorable! Thankyou all sooo much for making our month so amazing – love you all my Dreams family! Hehe see u nxt year for sure. Love always Pamela xxx AKA Pamela Anderson xxxxx
14. Hazel (scotland) 13:37:31, 01-10-2005
hey Lambis, Mike, Koreena and Eva hope you are all doing good and still keeping busy in the bar and having a good few FIREWATERS for me im missing them and im missing all of you you all made my holiday so much better with Lambis and your cute smiles and fun and games with your big green snake (loved doing the crazy frog dance love the helmet)you have got one of the best bars in Lindos, Dj mike with ur sexy looks wow baby wow and the best music (cant get our favourite song shiculata Tsikita downloaded)keep looking gorgeous and working on your dance moves micheal jackson ,Koreena for making us laugh so much and taking us clubbing and thankyou for picking me of the floor every time i fell which was alot (went to hospital when i came home and i found out i had broken my elbow no cast on my arm though woo hoo), and eva for being so friendly goregeous and caring. Im am so depressed back in scotland it has rained every day here and im back at universaty which is hard. im counting down the months till im back in Lindos partying every nite. I got my pictures back they are so good and funny i look at them all the time. Im going to try and send some pictures. ok miss you all and hope to see you soon. Love you all Hazel xxxxxxxxx
13. maria 17:18:28, 23-09-2005
">email hi everyone at dreams bar, we had so many great nights in the bar so hope u all remember us, is maria and katie, lambis you kept promising us a trip on the boat but never kept the promise, we're really disappointed. maybe next year?
anyway thanks for a great time see you all soon love maria and katie xxx
12. TOM AND JASON 17:42:13, 15-09-2005

Hi every 1 at dreams bar, Èva Lambi Kareena and Mark aswell! We had the best times in yr bar. Lovin the stella! Had such a laugh with you all and will keep in touch untill our next visit! All the best tom n j. Ps it's raining it england! Wot a surprise! But thats life.lots of kiss's 2 the girls n shots 2 the lads! Take it easy, sure u will have a few drinks 4 us. Did this message off my mobile which is quite mad. But will put pics on from computer! Yamas
11. Lizzie 15:50:17, 15-09-2005
">email Lambis and DJ Mike you made our holiday so special, thank you for our boat trip too. hoping to come back and see you next year, hope your still playing Andy's CD's and Crazy Frog. lots of love Lizzie, Paul, Andy & Sue
10. Millie 13:27:33, 29-08-2005
email Hiya! wow! I had a gr8 time at your bar! I hope you remember me and lucy(lucy says hi!) We loved every night at the bar, and everyone's so nice! we're gonna come back next year! cant wait! till then, I hope everyone's having a gud time, and I'll see you all soon!!! lots of hugs and kisses, millie.x.x.x.
9. Moira 13:33:52, 20-08-2005
">email Yo Dreams Bar Crew we are in rehab after a week of rocking with you and the Acropolis crew!
Hope you are still shaking that ass and pulling them in the doors and drawing plenty of maps for lost people!
And Mike your two newest fans had a great bump and grind with you!! Keep spinning that shit!

Forgot how many hats you wanted!!!!
XXX Moira & Yvonne
8. Jessica Rabbit 21:38:35, 19-08-2005
">email Lambis last year was amazing we spend so many passionate nights together on Pallas beach i am returning to u and your charms next week cant wait for a midnight kiss and cuddle keep me a sunbed. xxxxxxxxxxx
7. Sarah- The Original Dreamer!! 00:10:49, 19-08-2005
Greetings to Dreams Bar!!

Hasn't it changed since last year? Lambis/Tota you have done a superb job with the bar and it looks amazing. Can't believe I am not there anymore but I'm pleased to be a member of the original 'Dream Team' of 2004! It was great to see Corrina and meet Eva and see 'Wow baby baby wow, Mike' again. You guys have done an amazing job. Lambis- I'm coming back to stay for the Winter so I'm looking forward to some more delish mezze from Sevva and to see Grandma and Grandpa again. Zorba here we come! Prepare yourselves... and SKASSE MULO KATALAVES? ENTAXI MALAKA?

And pump up the volume for the cell block tango!

Tha setho meta...
Eapa xx

p.s. Less of the 'Crazy Frog' though, eh? ;o)
6. Liz and Chris 16:47:01, 17-08-2005
">email Thanks to all the staff at Drewams Bar for making our first visit to Lindos so wonderful. We had 13 great nights at the Bar and more than a few hangovers!!! Can't wait to meet up with Lambi and Mike again next year. Best music in the resort!!
5. tina & steve 16:22:12, 13-08-2005
your simply the best. we have known mike for many years he has no equal either as a dj or as a friend. this year we had the priviledge of meeting lambi at dreams bar together they made our holiday the best ever
4. charlie and ian 15:50:26, 08-08-2005
">email thank you lambi and makalis and the rest of staff at dreams for making our holiday 2005 the best ever.
we have been coming for the last 5 years and found the best bar on our last visit.
fantasic dj owner and the nicest staff
woke up with some killer hangovers thanks to lambis fire water!!!
if u are visiting lindos dreams is a must and until next year im gonna miss it loads.
only got back yeaterday so my pics will be on some time this week when i get them back
see u next year guys and kiss kiss kiss to dj mike!!!! love ya all lots charlie and ian xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
3. Sue and Tracey 18:03:05, 31-07-2005
Although there were alot of bars to choose from , we found this to be the friendliest and best. It has a great atmosphere, and a very funny barman. Good DJ too.Hope to see everyone again next year.
Sue and Tracey x x
2. Lynndy and Ros 21:38:25, 29-07-2005
Hiya guys,

Just a quickie to say thanks for helping make our holiday to lindos so much fun and we had a great time!!!!!!! We have our photos back and they are fantastic, i've attached a couple for you!.

We will have to pop in and say "yamas" when we are back at the end of september for another week we just can't stay away!!!!!!!!!

Take care, Lynndy and Ros x
1. Conny 13:52:15, 27-07-2005

Fun, great music and lovely people

Visiting 'DREAMS BAR' almost every night, it became my second home by now.
Good location, fantastic decoration, high quality drinks - prepared by
Lambis and Eva, best service - provided by Corina and music for everybody
and every age - played by DJ Mike ensure that every single night is
enjoyable and special.

Relax on the roof garden with its picturesque views, meet your friends and
sit & chat in the bar lounge with traditional furnishing and pebble paved
floor, having cocktails and long drinks- or dance all night long at the
air-conditioned indoor area of the bar.

Whatever you are requesting for enjoyable nights in Lindos: dancing music,
good drinks, great fun - you will find it at 'DREAMS BAR'. Come over, get
a warm welcome and meet lovely people.

Thanks to all of you for making my 9th season on Rhodes so special


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