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70. Steve & Julia 16:57:26, 23-12-2008

Hi to everyone that uses Dreams Bar as their favourite haunt in Lindos. It's 2 days before Xmas and we would like to wish everyone we have met ( And are now good friends!! ) a very merry Xmas and a fantastic New Year!!
Tota & Lambis deserve the best of the best, cheers to you both we love you loads xxx.
Love to all the regulars, Steve & Tina, Andrew & Chris, Richard & Helen, Brian & Helen, Angelika & Adrian, Ian & Sandra (When times are hard & bar staff are urgently needed I & S are on call!!), Christy, Danny, Ron, Yvonne (Especially Yvonne, WHAT A BODY!!) remember the BBQ in Sept Steve? Hope we can pull this Orrff!!
Wishing you all the best see you soon,
Steve & Julia
69. Danny 14:07:28, 22-12-2008
">email Hi
Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.
See you again in June and October.
68. jim & linda 19:31:38, 16-12-2008
">email we,re now set up so keep in touch
everyones coming over in october so get the brown ale in hope everyones ok the little ones said to say hello.
67. DENISE(ALICE)AND LIZ 15:40:28, 13-11-2008
">email HI LAMBI AND TETO AS PROMISED A MESSAGE TO SAY THANK YOU FOR MAKING OUR holiday we were go glad we came across your bar and so impressed to see people who were so friendly and came back year after year i was nick name alice but you did come to realise who i was but we had a great time and was ALWAYS made very wecolme , in fact like part of a family. WE HOPE YOU AND YOU MUM ARE BOTH WELL AND HAVING A NICE REST AFTER YOUR LONG SUMMER , WE REALLY HOPE TO SEE YOU NEXT SEPTEMBER TO JOIN THE SEPTEMBER CLUB AGAIN. LOVE DENISE AND LIZ
66. Maria Slater 16:01:08, 12-10-2008
">email Hi Lambis,

Thanks for a fantastic time in your bar oct 5th-12th 2008, can't wait to see photo's.... will send you via e-mail when I can. Look forward to becoming a Gold Member next year.. so make sure you've got some decent music or we'll keep you up all night with the i-pod.. Glyn said have you been playing that game again''

take care
lots of love from
maria & glyn
65. gav and lisa 20:03:11, 09-10-2008
">email ya sas lambis and doda, had such a laugh with you and a great time in lindos. efharisto poli, yamass
64. Angelika & Adrian 19:32:50, 01-10-2008
">email 2nd try to write
We had, again, a brilliant time in Rhodes and esp. in the Dreams Bar and it was simply lovely to see Tota and Lambis again. As always, a lot of fun, and nice lovely people - Lambi & Tota, we are already looking forward to next time. Thanks for everything. Lots of love, Adrian & Angelika
63. Steph & Phil 22:54:39, 03-09-2008
">email We had such an amazing time at Dreams bar this year. Lambis, Alby, Bladey and all the staff made us so welcome and gave us many happy memories to take home with us. You must visit this bar! x
62. lome man 12:11:13, 06-08-2008
">email thanks to all staff's of draems bar. i injoyed my self there.
61. Cathy 23:33:45, 23-07-2008
">email Hello, Ian and Sandra are you the welsh couple I met in May? Hoping to come back 20th sept so should see you then for more partying!! Cx
60. phillip geise 01:32:02, 21-07-2008
Love you, mean it!!! 5678, hey baby! love your bar and love you all
59. merridith elrod 01:30:40, 21-07-2008
thank yall for such an amazing time here at the dreams bar. yall have so nice to us and we think yall so much for making us feel so welcoming. we love yall! we will definitely be back
58. Dom Hennessy 01:28:17, 21-07-2008
thank you all for making my friends visiting from America so welcome, you have made our stay in Lindhos an amazing one, showing the true Greek appreciation of hospitality that so many have lost in the the last ten years, gentlemen, I had a blast!

Dom xxx
57. Lindsay Elrod 01:24:58, 21-07-2008
you guys are awesome and ya'll ROCKED MY|WORLD!!!!!!!!
56. Amy shy girl!!! 22:23:32, 19-07-2008

hey lambis, bledi and the guys. missing you all so much cant wait to come back nxt june and see u all. hope u r all well love u all loads! see u soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
55. Danny 19:38:37, 19-07-2008

Hi Lambis, Tota and the lads.
This May seems so long ago now but it won't be long until 1st October ... and another two weeks of alcoholism. (Already booked up for June 2009 too lol)
The mouth and bruises have healed and teeth replaced. lol
Love to Yvonne, and Ron, and Steve and Julia ... if you read this.
Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.
54. Ian and Sandra 15:14:39, 13-07-2008

Coming back on September 13th for 2 weeks, get Guinness stocks in!

Hope that you are all well, see you soon
53. SAMANTHA 23:12:39, 06-07-2008
52. Ian and Sandra 18:07:32, 21-06-2008
Hello Bloody Greeks and Bloody Albanians!

We've been home for 2 weeks and not come back, a new world record!

We had a great time (twice) we are trying to get there in September but, if not, we'll be back next May.

Have a good summer see you soon.

51. jon(barman)& hannah 21:56:57, 18-06-2008
Hi everyone at dreams!
Just wanted to say had a great time and a good laugh in your bar! It was great meeting you all, hope to see you all in September.
50. Sue 14:38:24, 16-06-2008
">email Hi Guys
Thank you for giving me a memorable 50th birthday. It was my first time in Lindos and I will never forget it. We all had a great time in your bar, as Nina and Zoe said we would. Hope to come back again maybe next year.
Have a great summer.
49. Dean hickerman 21:25:18, 14-06-2008
">email well Guys! i have just recover from a week with you lol, but my god it was fun what a fanstatic bar u have! Me and Mary went straight into the travel agents when we got back (after no sleep for twenty four hours lol)and started the ball rolling for septemeber to come and see you again with friends!! well have fun this summer and good luck
48. Yvonne 16:08:34, 28-05-2008
">email Hi Lambi

Hope Steve & Julia enjoyed the rest of their holiday. I'm sure they did in the friendliest bar in Lindos. Missing it already. Love to you and Tota. Yvonne
47. Catherine 00:26:48, 21-05-2008
Hi Lambi and the guys
Kalla isse? Thanks for a great time. It was lots of fun. I have my tail hanging up til September! Dreams I'll come back!! Catherine

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