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85. Steve (barman/d**khead) 23:40:34, 15-10-2009

what a summer that was, next year i want to be there with all you lot but as a holiday..see use all soon
84. steve 12:04:15, 02-10-2009
">email Hi Lambis, Tota,
Thanks for making our holiday one to remember,will defo be back for some more firewater and dancing in may. say thanks to everyone see you next may
steve, scott
83. Danny 00:08:40, 19-09-2009
">email Hope everyone is having a great time.
I don't get there until 7 October ... but hope everyone is having a ball. Realised what I'm missing this year so have booked for next year on 19 May and 22 September 2010. Anybody I know be there? lol
Hope to see Steve and Julia soon, and lots of love to them both. Have also booked Ron and Yvonnes's holiday for them on 19 May next year for ... so they've no excuse not to go lol Lambis and Tota, see you in a couple of weeks ... on my own. Danny x
82. Adrian & Angelika 00:25:28, 14-09-2009
">email Hi Lambis & Tota, and all the ones we are looking forward to seeing (Helen, Richard, Steve x 2, Julia, Tina and and... countdown is on now - 1.5 weeks to go !!! yippee hurray !! lots of love from A & A
81. Steve & Julia 15:43:33, 02-09-2009

Responding to S & T's post. Knowing you 2, you could have put your post on any website in Rhodes. The answer would always be the same. There's not a pub, bar, taverna on the island that would be ready for what you get up to!! I pity the ones that try. Looking forward to a fortnight of absolute mayhem (Guaranteed) and sociable (Yeah right!)drinking. See everyone soon, can't wait!!
80. steve and tina 00:14:11, 28-08-2009
">email its nearly september that means its party time at dreams bar glad to see everybody will be there are you ready lambis are you sure you are ready x x x x x
79. Joe and Michéle 13:20:01, 25-08-2009
">email Hi Guys
just a few lines to thank you and Tota for such a great time when we were there. Hope to see you both again next year... Tell the Sunderland boy his team are doing ok!!! for them lol.

I sent you a couple of pics to your email Lambis so hopeful you can put em up on the website. Will send a few more once I have fixed em.

In the meantime enjoy the rest of the season and remember... Hello Hello I'm JOHNNY CASH !!!
Love Joe and Michéle
78. Pamela and Hazel 19:36:06, 24-08-2009
">email Hey Lambis ,
well not long till we will be back in lindos .. get the fire water ready!! hahah cant wait to see you and everyone, hoping to see Steve and Julia, chris and andrew ... will they be there? we are arriving on the 16 sept!!
hope you and the family are well
see you soon
Pamela and Hazel xx
do you rembr when hazel fell asleep on the couch and fell off?? you and Corrina put the table under her so she wouldnt fall?? Crazy times ..let the good times roll x
77. Angelika & Adrian 01:02:25, 30-07-2009
">email HI Tota and Lambis, sorry for not having sent any msg since xmas! we have just booked our September holiday in Lindos !!!! we are looking forward to seeing you 2 again, and Helen & Richard (who we know will be there) and Steve & Julia, Steve & Tina,Brian&Helen, Andew & Chris (who hopefully will be there) to create some new great funny crazy happy memories. c u soon !!! A & A
76. mellindos 16:48:08, 21-06-2009
">email Hi Everyone! I'm new on here, so be gentle. I've just returned back from Lindos after a two week break and nothing has changed drastically really since I last visited in 1998, which was great to know. I went along with my boyfriend who is a tattooist, and we would like to open a shop combining tattooes and jewellery together and would appricate it if any could give us some information on how to set up a shop there. When we were there, there was quite a few locals interested in having a tattoo and trying to encourage us to set a shop up there ( which was nice) and they said the closest tattoo shop for them was faliraki and Rhodes Town. We realise it wouldnt be easy, but we adore lindos and are very creative people in our twenties and would love to spend our lives in this beautiful magical village, any info would be very much appreciated, thanks, mel
75. Aimme 12:09:51, 10-06-2009

Hiya Lambis,

Me and my Mum had a great holiday, was really good.
And we had a great time in your bar, thank you,Tota & everyone for making us feel really welcome. How are you & sunny greece?

Hope your all well.

Aimee xxx
74. Danny 01:26:15, 16-03-2009
">email Steve and Julia,
Can you send me your email address again. I think I've been using the wrong one. lol
Yvonne thinks it's something laddie and that does ring a bell. lol
73. adam 23:11:46, 15-01-2009
">email hi every1 at dreams i came over in 2005 im the 1 on the bar and with liverpool shirt on i also stripped on the bar , i had the greatest time of my life and will be back to party very soon
72. Ian and Sandra 22:01:15, 13-01-2009
">email Hi Lambis, Tota, Steve&Julia, Steve&Tina, Chris&Andrew, Richard&Helen, Brian&Helen and Slack Alice&Lilo Lil! & everyone else who fequents Dreams. Happy New Year to you all, sorry it's a bit late but we were in Tenerife for some winter sun over the holiday period. Hope you are all well and happy, looking forward to seeing you all again in September and if anyone can make it we'll be back in Lindos in May PARTY TIME!!! Special message for Lilo lil, Ian has been practicing Little Old Wine Drinker Me in Tenerife, he's got it cracked now.

See you all in May or September, until then be well and happy.

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